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SMOworks Program

No one else is as committed to quality training and education because no one else cares for you – the customer – quite like SMO.

And it doesn’t stop there. The SMOWorks Program features a total of six best-in-class customer service advantages including:

  1. SMO University – A one-of-a-kind training and education program for all our employees.
  2. Managed Implementation – Our way of insuring as little disruption to your business as possible during the initial transition to our services.
  3. Our Employees – The best trained, most tenured and dedicated employees in the industry today.
  4. Safety – We have some of the highest standards for workplace safety in the industry.
  5. Technology – We’re always staying up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge trends in the industry and implementing tools and technologies to serve you better.
  6. Quality Assurance – Our way of always making sure your needs are met continuously and professionally from the start and throughout the life of the contract.
      • "All of our SMO crew does a great job, but Duncan goes above in doing whatever we need and with a great attitude! "

        —Delores Sides


      • "Wallace always does an excellent job in our building, and this time he made extra effort to have everything looking great."

        —Tim Atkinson

        Biological Supplies

      • "Reyna is a star employee for SMO"

        —Meredith B. Bell

        Health Care

      • "The bank very much appreciates the honesty of the SMO employee."

        —Craig Hames

        Banking Customer

      • "I wanted to let you know that We had an Open House and the cleaning team was awesome. Kudos to them."

        —Jackie Taylor


      • "Thanks for all your help with our visitors yesterday. Everything was taken care of as requested and the building looked great. Thanks again. "

        —Lynn Lash

        Logistics Company

      • "Thank you Carlos for your quick response to my work order. "

        —Anita White


      • "Steve Gardner is an outstanding manager and a true asset to have on your team and mine. Thanks for your help Steve!!"

        —Daniel McPherson

        Property Manager

      • "I wanted to let you know that you have an excellent, hard working team here! They are extremely conscientious, hard working, diligent, and friendly! "

        —Bill DiIanni


      • "It’s nice to go in the bathrooms and have everything clean, organized and in place"

        —Lori McCandless


      • "He does an exceptional job, the quality of his work is exemplary."

        —Pamela Clark

        Health Care Provider

      • "Glad you guys are on my team."

        —Lee Bullock

        Community College

      • "I have received compliments on the building from my division manager. I am very proud of the building appearance and the high praise received. "

        —William Boone

        Logistics Company

      • "It’s reassuring to me to know that during special situations like this we can count on you and your staff to rise to the occasion. "

        —Ron Shepherd

        Logistics Company

      • "SMO’s dispatch system and day porter for our building are very responsive."

        —Heather Stanley

        Health Care Provider

      • "She goes above and beyond in her duties and I find her working after hours to ensure that our campus and your organization are well taken care of."

        —Karen B. Phinazee

        Community College